Development Services

Formerly the Planning and Engineering Departments, the Development Services Department administers town projects, maintains the utility GIS system, manages the Land Development process, enforces town codes and ordinances, along with other internal consulting and planning functions.

Staff is located both at Town Hall and at the Operations Center.
  • Engineering
    The Town performs repair, maintenance and improvements on roads, sidewalks and utilities.  From time to time, these projects are too large and/or complex for the Town to complete on its own, and outside contractors must be hired to provide design or construction services.  Town engineers manage the costs, schedules and scopes of these projects.
  • Planning & Community Development 
    Our goal is to help guide orderly growth and development within the Town of Mooresville, always with an eye toward the future. We are responsible for long range and short term planning for transportation, land use and zoning as well as code enforcement, community development, annexation, and the land development process
  • Land Development Standards
  • The Town maintains Land Development Standards that regulate how private projects (such as new retail developments or residential subdivision) must be constructed. They include both design requirements and standard construction details that must be used on new projects, particularly ones that will be eventually turned over to the Town for operation and maintenance.