Water & Sewer Maintenance

Water and sewer maintenance operates and maintains all the water lines, sewer lines, sewer pump stations and all the accessories tied to these facilities. We maintain over 267 miles of water lines and nearly 300 miles of sewer lines and 44 sewer pump stations that serve more than 14,000 homes, schools, businesses, and industries here in Mooresville.

Four Divisions of Water & Sewer Maintenance
Line (Pipe) Maintenance
These staff are often forced to dig into or along the side of a road to clean, repair, and replace broken water and sewer lines. However, their overall job is maintaining the pipes and accessories so they will not break. We have a valve turning machine and crew that daily exercises some of the over 5,500 valves in our system; a camera trailer and crew that check for clogs, obstructions, and broken sewer lines; and a jetter / vacuum truck and crew that regular cleans and maintains the sewer lines. Also, we have an easement maintenance crew that cuts, trims and maintains our off road water and sewer lines. Someone from this division is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pump Maintenance
This division checks, monitors, and maintains each sewer lift (pump) station in our system. While this crew relies on our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for minute by minute updates posted on computers and smart phones, each pump station is visited and checked weekly. Every pump station in our system, from the largest to the smallest, is of vital importance in transporting 4 million gallons of sewage every day to its final destination at the Rocky River Waste Water Treatment Plant. Like Line Maintenance, someone is always on-call.

Meters & Locates
We no longer manually check / read all meters. Over 99% of the meters in the town are radio read meters. The “radio reads” are broadcast to a mobile system by a transmitter that is wired to each meter. This innovation provides a huge cost saving to the town and is very reliable. Each meter is read monthly and the amount of water used is reported to the Finance Department so a bill can be generated..

Anytime a contractor or citizen is digging close to a road, sidewalk or easement, they are required to dial 811 for a “Locate.” This triggers a message to all underground utilities (water, sewer, gas, power, telecommunications, etc…) and will often prevent unnecessary damage to these utilities from digging. If excavation causes unreported damage to a utility, the person or company doing the excavation is held liable for damages.

Backflow Prevention
The State of North Carolina requires all water purveyors to have a Backflow Prevention Program to reduce the risk of an industry, business or home water line accidentally polluting the public water line and exposing all those on the system to contaminated water. An incident of this nature can be devastating to the population and to our water system. The Town of Mooresville has a Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Ordinance which requires all commercial and industrial water users in the town to install back flow devices and have them checked annually.