Water and Sewer upgrades to the Mill Village

This is a two year project that will impact the infrastructure (including streets and sidewalks) of the entire neighborhood. The current water and sewer lines are old and inadequate to water and sewer service to meet our expectations for our citizens. Right now improvements are being made on Bruce and Parker.

Raw Water Line installation

We are currently installing a 36” Ductile Iron Raw Water Line from the town’s intake on the lake just past Perth Road to Winslow Bay Subdivision where it will tie into the existing Raw Water Line system. This line will increase our raw water capacity from 12 million gallons per day (mgd) to 16 mgd. In 2020 and 2021 the second half of this line is planned to be installed from this point to the water treatment plants. This section of line will allow us to reach the full treatment capacity of our two water treatment plants, approximately 19 million gallons per day!

Bio-Solids Storage Area

A new cover for the Bio-Solids storage area is just starting at the Waste Water Treatment Plant(WWTP). It will provide better cover for the dried bio-solids there. It should be completed by late summer of 2017.

Gravity Sewer Line Project

A new section of 42 inch and 24 inch gravity sewer line will be installed in Fiscal Year 2017-2018 from Williford Road to Linwood Farms. This will allow us to remove two existing pump stations and move them to a gravity sewer line.

Regional Pump Station and Force Main

We are currently designing a new regional pump station and force main to serve the industrial park and the north side of town. This pump station and force main will tie into the new 42 inch and 24 inch sewer lines and will increase capacity at the industrial park.

Water Treatment Dome Lid

A dome lid will be designed and installed at Water Treatment Plant #1 (WTP #1) this year for the inground flat roof treated water tank. This will insure the safety of the treated water held there.

Backwash Sediment Line

Designing and installing a backwash sediment line from WTP#1 to WTP#2. This will allow us to have only one basin for cleaning in the future.