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Where can I find a list of parks and their locations?

To see a complete list of all facilities used by Parks & Recreation, visit the "Recreation Map" link on the right side of the page.

How do I register my child for Parks & Recreation Services sports?

A parent may register his/her child(ren) online by creating a profile to manage their online registrations. Online registrations require credit card payment. Or a parent may visit the Mooresville Parks & Recreation Administrative office, 418 Carpenter Avenue or any center. Cash, checks and credit card payments may be taken in our office. Please Note: Registrations (online or in-office) will only be taken during specified enrollment periods. All participants who register during specified enrollment periods will be guaranteed a spot in the league. Late registrations will go to a waiting list and will be filled if teams lose players.

Create child's profile online.

How are athletic teams selected?

For ages 5-8, a head coach is allowed his/her own son/daughter and the son / daughter of one or more assistant coaches. Players have the option to return to their previous team from last season or go back into the draft. After coaches' sons/daughters are assigned and returning players are assigned, the remaining team members will be randomly selected by our computer program to even out each team. For ages nine and up, a head coach is allowed his/her own son/daughter and the son/daughter of one assistant coach. After those selections are made, a lottery-style draft process will be used to select half of each coach's team (this number may vary from sport to sport). Coaches will take turns drawing numbers from a hat and will draft in that order. Once half of each team has been selected by this process, the remaining team members will be assigned randomly by our computer program.

Can I request a specific coach or team for my child?

No. The draft process listed above gives coaches freedom to select more players than in the past. It is best to contact the coach and ask him/her to select your child as one of his/her picks. Please understand there is no guarantee that your child will be on a certain team.

Can I move my child up to the next age group early?

Yes, but there are some limits. A player is not allowed to skip an entire age group. Only players in their last year of a division may move up early to the next. (For example, a 10 year old may move up early to the 11-12 division.) If a player moves up early, he/she must do so when initially registered and not mid-season. Once a player decides to move up early, he or she is not allowed to move back down mid-season.

Can I move my child to a different team during the season?

As referenced above, you may not request a specific team or coach. Moving kids to different teams after they are selected has a ripple effect on the entire league and/or program.

I want to volunteer to coach. What do I need to do?

The Parks & Recreation Department relies solely on volunteer coaches for its athletic leagues. Interested individuals must complete a coaching application that will be reviewed by the Mooresville Police Department. Once approved, coaches are assigned to teams based on need in each age group.

What youth sports are offered by the Parks & Recreation Department?

· Youth Basketball (boys ages 5-17 and girls ages 5-16) November – February · Youth T-Ball (boys and girls ages 5-6) February – May & July - October · Youth Baseball (boys ages 7-17) February – May & July – October · Youth Softball (girls ages 7-17) February – May & July – October · Youth Wrestling (boys and girls ages 5-13) October – January

What adult sports are offered by the Parks & Recreation Department?

· Adult Softball (Open, Co-Ed & Church Women's)

How do I reserve a shelter or ball field?

Shelter Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. You must come to the Mooresville Parks & Recreation Administrative Office located at 418 Carpenter Ave Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm to complete the paperwork and pay. Reservations may only be made in person. No reservations will be done by phone, fax, or email. You may send someone to make your reservation as long as they can provide the information needed, such as your name, address, phone number, rental begin and end times, approximate # of attendees, type of event, etc. The Park Shelter Fee Schedule is linked below. You should also include any set up or clean up time you may need in the time you reserve. We advise that you bring trash bags and remove your trash from the park, as there are often several shelter reservations on any given day. The Shelter Reservation Permit must be in your possession at your event. If someone is using the shelter during your reservation time and refuses to leave, follow the instructions on the Permit to resolve the problem. Reserving a shelter does not guarantee you sole use of the play area. Others may be using the play area during the time you have reserved the shelter. Risk Management has mandated that the use of inflatables/bounce houses is not allowed at any Town of Mooresville facility. Please be aware that frequently tournaments are held at the softball/baseball complex at Mazeppa Road Park. The play area and shelter are nearest that complex. There are often soccer tournaments at the soccer complex as well. Parking may be an issue if there is a tournament going on. The shelter at the soccer complex is non-reservable. There are also frequent tournaments at Cornelius Road Park, and parking could be an issue during those tournaments. If your reservation is cancelled due to inclement weather, you must notify our office the next business day in order to reschedule or to be considered for a refund. If you have any further questions, please call us at 704-663-7026.

Shelter Fee Schedule

Are alcohol or tobacco products allowed at the shelter or pool?

No! Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited at all recreation facilities.

Can I reserve the War Memorial Swimming Pool?

Yes. The swimming pool located at the War Memorial Center can be reserved for private parties on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Reservations must be made in person at the WMC office. Mailed forms will not be accepted. Fees include a refundable security deposit (due at time of reservation) of $50, Pool Reservation Fee of $60 per hour (minimum 2 hours) due one week after receipt of deposit, and Lifeguard Fee of $10 per hour per lifeguard (minimum of two lifeguards required).