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1. What are the billing rates and fees for domestic, commercial and industrial accounts?
2. How do I apply for water or sewer service?
3. What chemicals are used in the treatment of the town's water and what is the quality of the town's water?
4. Where does the Town's water come from?
5. Who do I call in the case of a Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO)?
6. Who do I call for nuisance odors from manholes or sewer lift station areas?
7. Who do I call to report a water emergency?
8. Is the public allowed on the wastewater plant site?
9. I want to open a restaurant in town who do I contact at your Department?
10. Do you accept septic tank waste at your facility?
11. Is it ok to pour grease down the drain?
12. Can I discard trash in the toilet such as paper towels or plastic wrappers?